What is Photomedia

Photography is the art of catching an image through the use of a film or digital sensor. Light is captured by the camera’s sensors and then converted into an image that is recognizable to people. 

There are also different equipment types for capturing other forms of images, such as thermal imaging, which captures heat or UV imaging for scientific sources. 

History of Photography

The Amera Obscura was first mentioned around 500 BCE in China; photography means drawing with light. It was a tool used by the early artist to make realistic drawings or paintings of landscapes. 

At the start of the 1600s, Leonardo da Vinci, a great scientist, inventor and artist, began sketching diagrams and instructions on the camera’s design. It included pinholes and glass lenses, and optics which many astronomers used during the period. 

But it was an astronomer, Johannes Kepler, who was credited for the term photograph in 1604. He projected an image using telescopic optics into a sheet of canvas to draw the stars. Other astronomers followed and wanted to make canvas or paper sensitive to light, so some also experimented with glass and various metal plates. 

Johann Heimrich Schulze discovered how a solution of silver nitrate becomes dark when exposed to light in 1717. The only problem is how to stop the silver nitrate solution from darkening to retain the image produced. 

It was Joseph Joseph Nicéphore Niépce who captured the first permanent photograph in 1826. He captured a picture of a roof, and it took him 8 hours to take a photo since the sheet metal with film chemicals that he used was not that sensitive to light. This metal plate process became known as the daguerreotype in 1839. 

Most cameras used by photographers in 1841 were either self-designed or made by skilled craftsmen. They used lenses from notable optical companies such as Leitz, Zeiss and Voightlander. Soon hand-drawn or painted illustrations were replaced with photographs. But cameras that used metal and glass plates were large, fragile and cumbersome.

George Eastman of New York revolutionized photography by building an easy-to-use and simple camera using a new roll film. He made photography very popular by introducing different film formats, cameras for both beginners and professional photographers. 

In the 1930s colour, photography became very popular with the release of the Kodachrome by Eastman Kodak. Before its release, most photos were monochromatic.

Photography has changed drastically with the invention of digital cameras. The first known recorded digital image was in 1975, created in a Kodak lab. But other companies have developed more advance digital camera companies like Canon, Nikon and others have developed DSLR that has taken over from 35mm SLRs. 

Modern smartphones are now equipped with high-quality digital cameras that rival DSLRs. They can record high definitions, photos and videos that can be shared online instantaneously. 

What is Photomedia?

Photomedia is the innovative and creative use of different mediums such as photos and video to create new imagery. These mediums can be analog or digital and may be used on the web, digital presentations, smartphones, newspapers, posters and various online or offline media. 

Photomedia is the next stage and the future of image creation and photography. The old notion of just shooting and processing an image is fast disappearing. Photomedia also focuses on the fundamentals of analogue and digital photography and computer manipulation, studio lighting and experimental techniques.

It also involves working collaboratively with other designers and the design team to develop the best output. Photomedia consists of using technology and software in image productions and understanding how the image will be used in the design. 

Photomedia can also be used to convey a story or make a creative presentation. It also involves using photography principles such as exposure and control of light and post-production, such as image manipulation and editing. 

Images can be created by using photos, scanning or software such as photoshop. These images created using the techniques in Photomedia can be used in advertising and other purposes.