If you are very passionate about painting, sculpture, drawing, music and other arts, then a degree in visual arts may be the one for you. If expressing yourself and creating art excite and fascinate you, then a career as a visual artist will be a match for you. 

The study of visual arts will expose participants to the history of art, art criticisms and different art theories, and extensive work in print media, photography, drawing painting, sculpture, and performing arts at other crafts types. 

This page will provide useful information on Art, Music and Visual Arts so readers can decide whether to study or have a career in music, arts and visual arts and other related fields. Readers will realize how interrelated these fields are and how they complement each other. 

What is Visual Arts

Visual arts is an art form that creates primarily visual works, such as sculpture, printmaking, crafts photography, video, architecture, digital arts, ceramics etc. But strictly speaking, visual arts is more than the definition mentioned above. Visual arts can also involve other artistic disciplines such as textile arts, performing arts, movies, etc. 

The present use of the term visual arts can also include decorative arts and crafts, handicrafts or applied media arts. The line between fine arts and visual arts is often unclear and sometimes changing.

Visual arts can also be interrelated with public art. The term public art can take many forms; it can also be permanent or temporary. Historic bronze statues or decorative fountains are examples of permanent public art. Public art can also include memorials, architectural landscape, digital media, community art, festivals, murals or temporary art exhibits. 

There are also many other categories within visual arts. They are known as craft or decorative arts. 

Decorative arts have a more practical function but has retained their artistic style and creativity. These decorative arts include jewellery making, woodworking, metal craft, furniture making, ceramics and textile design. 

Careers in Visual Arts

There are many work opportunities for people who want to embark on a career in visual arts. Some of these options are directly or indirectly related to different fields of Visual Arts. Here are some career options for Visual artist.

A visual artist can have a career as an architect, set designer, landscape designer, interior designer, product designer, fashion designer and many others.

A visual artist can also become teachers, historians, journalist, gallery director, multimedia consultant, cinematographer, film critic, special effects consultant and museum director.

Of course, some of the careers mentioned requires additional training, education and professional training. But the core of these careers is visual arts. In other words, if you take up visual arts, it does not mean you will be a “starving artist”, which is a common misconception. Visual arts have a lot of practical applications in the workplace. 

How much does an Artist Earn?

Visual arts can have a decent earning depending on the place, company and type of work you will be doing.

Of course, painters, sculptors and illustrators can earn around $40,000-$60,000 if they have continuous work. More famous painters and sculptures can make thousands of dollars per piece, but usually, the artwork takes a lot of time to finish.