Do I need to be good at drawing to be a Visual Artist?

Visual arts are art forms that evoke emotions and visual perception, such as drawings, paintings, ceramics design, photography, sculpture, video, architecture, printmaking and film making. Many disciplines like performing arts, textile arts, interior design, fashion design, graphic design, industrial design and many others include visual arts aspects. 

Common Types of visual arts

Painting – is the art of expressing emotions and ideas through pigment, paint, colour or other media on a solid surface. The primary element of a painting are lines, tones, colours, space, volume and light. When these elements are combined, they show naturalistic, abstract, symbolistic, political and expressive visual images into the canvas or concrete surface. Painting is an effective form of visual art. Several mediums are used for illustration, such as oil, pastel, watercolour, enamel, tempera and acrylic. 

The sculpture creates two or three-dimensional artworks using wood, marble, ceramics, glass, metal, and plastic. The sculptures are created through carving, modelling, casting, moulding or moulding. Many have survived, including sculptures from ancient civilizations in India, China, Greece, the Mediterranean, Central & South America and Africa. Sculptures can be free-standing like statues and relief, which are partially attached to the surface. Michael Angelo’s David is an example of a free-standing sculpture; the Sasanian reliefs, on the other hand, can are found in many places in Iran. 

Ceramics design – humans have been making their ceramics for thousands of years for pottery, tiles, sculptures, figurines and tableware. Ceramics are hard, heat & corrosion resistant that is created by heating clay and silica. Some ceramics are adorned with intricate decorations, paintings, coatings, colours and comes in different shapes and sizes. 

Interior Design – is the art of improving the interior of a space or building to achieve a pleasing environment for persons living or using the area. The interior designer applies elements of design based on the needs of the client. Interior design must have a working knowledge of colour, space planning, materials, textiles, software applications for design, building codes, safety and structural requirements. 

Digital art – modern visual artists are not anymore limited to traditional media used for visual arts. Computers have become a valuable tool for visual artists, especially in using digital technology in the creative and presentation process. Artists can do digital painting using Photoshop, which combines traditional painting techniques and digital tools. They can also create or combine images to create digital compositions using computers. Both photography and film have shifted to the digital format, and most work done with photos and movies is using computer software for editing films and manipulating photographs. 

Do I need to be good at drawing?

As mentioned in this article, visual arts can come in many forms. Visual arts like photography, filmmaking, graphic design do not involve drawing. In other words, being good at drawing is unnecessary for these types of visual arts. Although having skills in drawing can help.

Graphic design, for example, involves the manipulation of digital images and text. On the other hand, textile and fibre use thread, fibres, cloth, and different types of fibre. For both visual arts examples, drawing is unnecessary; you need to apply concepts of designs and creativity to the project. 

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